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Indiachat.in is about free online chat for those chatters who really wanted to find a good friends. Here in Indiachat.in you can fine goodfriends , you can make your soulmate also , you can start your dating here. Indiachat.in also provides you chat code also if any big organisation wanted to promote their products throw live chat. In Indiachat.in many people can find interesting topics in various type of talking. Indiachat.in have no bars for any languages here u can chat feel free. But we belongs from India and our chat site also Indiachat.in so friends kindly speak Hindi bcoz we are Indians and we are all Hindustani. Indiachat.in links with Internet Chat Relay clients . Indiachat.in use mibbit chat and kiwi chat both are friendly supported. Indiachat.in also provides you free chat protals here you no need to sign up just click on Live Chat and put your nick without any registeration you can enter the chat.In Indiachat.in local city chat rooms are famous like #india , #chandigarh , #bangalore , most famous chatroom is #lounge . Here many Indians and other country peoples chat alot. Friends just start the chat you like alot and you like be visit again and again