Follow The Rules Of Rules Book

Formate of rulers are :-

(a) Do not Advertries other website in

(b) Do not use sapamming in

(c) Do not try to be miss behave with chatters and users of

(d) Do not use adults talking alowed here in

How To Use Chat :-

(a) is provides you free registeration nicks no need to use to signup and register nick early.

(b) Ask For Help / Complaint to the #Help room by typing /join #help or ask room moderators.

(c) By Using this chat site you must be +18.

(d) Please Be Friendly with every users and try to help is they seeking for any help regarding room by any bad activities by other person or help regarding commands.

(e) Do Not Fight with other Operators / Users / Irc Operators.

Feel Free To Chat With Anyone Discuss in Any Topic Or Ideas ..